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I am the CEO and Founder of Christolite Business Training & Consulting, Christolite Leadership & Bible Institute, VOR Organics, VOR Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics, and dLeisure & Corporate Travel.

I am a certified Business, Health, and Life Strategy Coach, as well as a published author, mentor, facilitator, and speaker. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education and Theology, as well as more than fifteen years of corporate leadership experience in a variety of positions in the corporate world.

My goal is to work with individuals and small business owners to promote growth, empowerment, transformation, and sustainability.

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As an immigrant to Canada, I worked hard in various companies and positions for the past 35 years and have been mistreated on numerous occasions by managers, supervisors, and directors, resulting in either being laid off or my services being no longer required. Throughout my hardships and long hours in these positions, I continued to educate myself in the hopes that one day I would never have to work for anyone else. And today is the day when all of my hard work and determination will be rewarded.

As an entrepreneur for the past 15 years, I've built a few businesses that have had a significant impact on my finances and changed my life. VOR Natural Skincare, VOR Cosmetics, VOR Tealeafs (wellness tea), dLesiure Travel Agency, Christolite Leadership & Bible Institute, and Christolite Business Consulting Firm are now under my ownership. I believe I am in an excellent position for retirement.

During my transition period, I met people from all walks of life who were struggling to make ends meet and desired to start their own business that would provide them with financial independence. I've now dedicated my life to assisting people in starting and growing their businesses.

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