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Working With You Is Our Passion!

Social Media Marketing

January 10- Feburary14, 2024

at 7pm-9pm

at 1117 Finch Ave West, Unit B at Faith Transformation Center

Contact For Registration

Jacqueline Thomas 

PH: 647-804-7263 

Adult Education
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Our offerings include Business and Mental Health Growth. We welcome participants who would like to start, grow and scale their business. We believe in equal opportunity.  We serve all members of the community including newcomers to Canada, 2SLGBTQIA+  members of minority groups, and anyone who wants to learn.


Our organization's mission is to assist transform lives in the visible minority community by empowering individuals to reach their potential and avoid social marginalization. We provide spiritual, educational, social, business, and financial training and support to the Visible Minority population to assist them in overcoming the barriers imposed by their race. Because of the enormous number of unemployed and underemployed teenagers and single parents in our organization, we have devised techniques to inspire them to dream beyond the harsh conditions in our society.


To be sure, we provide computer training, resume writing, and job interviewing skills to youths, adults, and single parents who want to enhance their abilities in order to gain better work possibilities in the labour market. We also provide entrepreneurial training: such as starting, growing, and scaling a business, developing business plans, financial training, marketing, and more...  Many of our black adolescents and adults' lives have been transformed as a consequence of our initiatives, and several of them are now pursuing tertiary degrees. They are making an impact on the visible minority community and in the workplace as a whole.  

We also work with organizations and individuals to give training and coaching in the following areas: administration, management, leadership, personal development, company operations, customer service, and health wellness.

People who desire to achieve their goals must stay current on trends in leadership, professional and personal growth, and mental stability.

We provide a variety of training options, including online webinars, self-paced e-learning courses, and in-person classes.

Our training programs are designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing community-building skills such as self-awareness, influence, decisiveness, motivation, conflict resolution, resilience, and adaptability.

Participants will be better equipped and empowered to lead strategic, engagement, change, health, and well-being projects.


To empower individuals and organizations to succeed beyond expectations.

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Thank you for the education you provided to help me start, grow and scale my business.  This has been a new journey for me and I could not have done it without your help, commitment and dedication to make my business a success.

Alexa Simmons, North York

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